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Fascinating Facts about English Literature Major

What are the best career opportunities if you are as literature major? What are your potential professions and what do you need to start with? English personal statement can give you tips and hints about it. There are many careers waiting for you and you can choose from any of the following:

Transferable Skills

  • Written communication
  • Research
  • Critical thinking
  • Making and presenting an argument
  • Understanding different points of view
  • Creativity

Fascinating Facts about English Literature Major

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Skills for Your CV

  • Independent working
  • Time management and organization
  • Planning and written work
  • Articulating knowledge and understanding of concepts, texts and theories
  • Leading and participating discussions
  • Negotiation and team working to present information and ideas
  • Conveying arguments and opinions as well as thinking creatively
  • Using judgment in weighing up alternative perspectives
  • Critical reasoning and analysis
  • Using IT

Graduate Destinations for English

  • Employed, 61.9%
  • Further study, 18.1%
  • Working and studying, 7.6%
  • Unemployed, 6.6%
  • Other, 5.8%

Potential Opportunities

  • Media and journalism, £15,000
  • Publishing, £14000
  • Advertising, marketing and PR £21000

Professions for Graduates

  • English teacher: Bachelor’s degree, state teaching license needed, with key roles including providing instruction and analysis of literature and other documents; has 12% job growth for elementary teachers and has a median salary of $54,120 for elementary school teachers
  • Editor: Bachelor’s degree and without license needed; key roles include evaluating documents’ structure and correcting grammar and typo errors; has -2% job growth and has a median salary of $54, 890
  • Writer: Bachelor’s degree and without license needed; roles include creating content for electronic or printed materials and providing relevant research topics; has a job growth of 3% and has a median salary of $58, 850

There you have the amazing facts to know about literature study that you may want to consider if you love English, teaching, editing or writing. Check out the official site of the school where you are planning to apply, but make sure to comply with needed documents like a personal statement in English.

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